Monday, September 16, 2013

Operation Power Up Update!

For those who follow Official Nintendo Magazine’s website, then you know today is Miiverse Monday! We decided to do our own spin on it to help raise awareness and show that people still want Nintendo Power. How are we doing that? Simple!

Who could this be?

Introducing our representative of Operation Power Up, Maxwell, Max! If you've been following with our campaign, we’ve been taking it to the Miiverse. So we have started up an official Operation Power Up Nintendo ID: OperationPowerUp. If you have a Nintendo Network ID, you can visit our profile page here! Don’t forget to follow us on the Miiverse and give us some yeahs!

So who is our mascot? He’s the son of Nester, former comic star of Nintendo Power. We believe his image best represents our campaign; we want to restore a legacy for this generation. (As well as slipping some classic Nintendo Power references for the fans.)

As seen in issue 231.
We’ve already been spreading the word on the Miiverse. Just check out some of Max’s Miiverse posts:

As seen in issue 285.

Showing off his artistic skills plus showing off people who would like to see Nintendo Power back!

And our Super Smash Bros reference comes full circle.

Also, our website has been slightly changed: Our official website is: from now on.
That’s it for now. We have more events planned later this year. One coming up isThe Nintendo Experience Tour! Also expect to see Max showing up in your Mii Plaza sometime in the future.
See you next mission!

Our Nintendo Network ID: OperationPowerUp
Our Miiverse page: Here.
Our Facebook group: Here.
Our Twitter: Here.
Our petition: Here.