Monday, October 8, 2012

Mission: S.N.A.P.

Our first event of Operation: Power Up!

Mission:  S.N.A.P., showing Nintendo of America Power.
Nintendo 3DS Photo Showcase is a website that allows 3DS users to take pictures with their 3DS and submit it to Nintendo and have it featured it on the website! 

So our plan is to raise awareness of Nintendo Power by submitting pictures of Nintendo Power with our 3DSs and then share the pictures on Facebook from their website.

Here's our submission:

What we need for you to do.  Take a picture of any issue of Nintendo Power with your 3DS and submit it to the website.  Click here on how to submit.  Submit as many pictures as you can.  We're trying to get NoA's attention that we still care about Nintendo Power!  Also post and share pics of Nintendo Power on our Facebook as well!

See you next mission!

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