Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Continue? Yes!

Hello, this is Jeremii of Nintendium 128, also one of the leaders of Operation: Power Up.   Today, December 11, 2012, is the day where the last issue of Nintendo Power will be published.  My subscription ended around October, a few months after Nintendo confirm the cancellation of Nintendo Power, so there was no way for me to renew.  Be that as it may, I went to pick up the last issue.  As I saw the issue out on display, it felt like a surreal experience.  Seeing the giant homage to the first issue of Nintendo was heartwarming.  However knowing this might possibly the last issue ever was deeply saddening.  It felt like an end of an era.  I always felt that Nintendo Power will always be there, like Nintendo itself.  However seeing the words “Final Issue” was just too unreal.  

At the end of the issue, there’s a picture the reads “Game Over!  Thanks for reading!”  We of Operation: Power Up are looking for the “Continue” option.  Please continue to support us in hopes of Nintendo of America bringing back or resurrecting Nintendo Power as a magazine or some sort of digital format.  Don’t let this legacy die now.  Sign our petition, join or Facebook, follow us on Twitter, join our events, write letters to Nintendo of America to let them know that you want the Power, Nintendo Power.

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  1. I can help as I am a member of Operation Rainfall for a long time who helps with the change of gaming localisations and awareness. I may not know about the magazine but it is a hear to me. This is a must to keep this magazine because it is a memorable item that many read for the news on Nintendo's games such as their reviews, previews and news! Without it, the competitors will get the chance to steal the glory if Nintendo just isolates the media.

    I may be an Australian but a voice from Australia will help! I support this! Because I am Luffy III, editor in chief who supports gaming awareness and news on better localisation of games to the western region, I'm on Youtube on CAAGSpodcast, so feel free to email and send a post and I will gladly mention you in my podcast!